Recreational Vehicles

You've worked hard to create a lifestyle that you enjoy. When your leisure time includes getaways with your recreational vehicles, Brumbaugh Insurance wants to make sure your downtime is always secure with one of our recreational vehicles policies. From motor homes to campers to sport utility recreational vehicles, our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind when taking your investment on the road. Safe travels.

Coverage for your recreational vehicles is always a good idea, especially if you will be traveling. Since accidents can happen anywhere, especially while on the road; will you be ok if you have no coverage or insufficient coverage?

Something to keep in mind is that coverage will vary, so you should look to purchase coverage to suit your needs. While there are many options, there are some basic policies, such as replacement cost coverage and actual cash value policies.

Actual Cash Value is the most common type of policy. This type of policy is based on a depreciated value. You would be paid market value, which is what the vehicle is worth at the time of the claim. This type of coverage is typically a lower premium than Total Loss Replacement, which replaces the vehicle without depreciation.

A good RV insurance policy will provide liability coverage, coverage for property damage, personal property protection, roadside assistance, and emergency vacation expenses. Call our office to find out more about coverage for any recreational vehicles you may have. We can insure them all.