Don't take chances when it comes to your family. Death is never an easy subject to discuss, but now is the best time to start preparing for the people you love the most. Brumbaugh Insurance can help you choose the right life insurance to make sure everything is handled for your loved ones. In the event of your passing, it's important to make sure all your immediate needs such as burial and funeral expenses, medical costs and other debts are covered. Life insurance can also help cover things like retirement costs, education expenses and emergencies. Whether it's term life insurance, permanent insurance or a key man policy, Brumbaugh Insurance Group can match your needs and goals with the best possible life insurance policy.

Term Life

Term Life insurance is a plan of insurance that covers the insured for only a certain period of time (term), not for his or her entire life. The policy pays death benefits only if the insured dies during the term.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance is a phrase used to cover any form of life insurance except term; generally insurance that accrues cash value, such as whole life or endowment.

Key Man

Key Man insurance is designed to protect a business against the loss of income resulting from the disability or death of an employee in a significant position.