Home is where the heart is. It's also your biggest investment, so make sure your home is protected. Choose one of our coverage options from a comprehensive menu of property insurance options. We want to make sure you go to bed each night knowing that your most prized possessions are protected with homeowners, renters, collectibles or agreed value coverage. If you need an additional layer of coverage, we also offer an umbrella policy to cover anything above and beyond your homeowners or auto insurance policy.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance provides property insurance protection against damage or loss to the home itself, other structures attached to the house, such as a garage, other structures not attached to the house, such as a detached garage, your personal property, and to other items on your resident premise, such as trees and shrubs. It also covers personal liability and medical payments to others.

Renters Insurance

Renter's Insurance coverage does not cover the dwelling, but provides personal property coverage owned by the tenant, as well as personal liability and medical payments.

Collectibles Coverage

Collectibles Coverage provides coverage for valuable and collectible artifacts.

Agreed Value Coverage

Qualifying collections are insured for their full collector value, and never depreciate. Coverage also applies to accessories such as model train layouts and product packaging. Broad coverage includes damage caused by accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft, hurricane, earthquake, and more.