In business, you always need to be concerned about your bottom line but there's a level or risk involved in just about everything you do. Reduce that risk and talk to a representative of Brumbaugh Insurance about ways to protect your company so you can focus on your bottom line.

General Liability

General Liability provides protection against damages for bodily injury or property damages for which the insured is legally responsible. The policy provides coverage for liability arising from personal injury and advertising injury. Coverage for medical expense is also provided. The policy provides supplemental payments for attorneys fees, court costs and other expenses associated with a claim or the defense of a liability suit.

Product Liability

Product Liability provides for damages arising out of products manufactured, sold, handled or distributed by the insured. Completed operations covers damage occurring after operations have been completed or abandoned, or after an item is installed or built and released for its intended purpose.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance indemnifies professionals, doctors, lawyers, pharmacies architects, etc for the loss or expense resulting from claim on account of bodily injuries because of malpractice, error or mistake committed or alleged to have been committed by the insured in their profession.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property insurance is designed to protect your company's buildings, property and contents.

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Excess/Umbrella Liability provides excess liability coverage over several of the insured's primary liability policies.


Bonding is an obligation of the insurance company to protect one against financial loss caused by acts of another. Insurance bonds are normally three-party contracts in which one party agrees to guarantee the act, perfomance, or behavior of a second party, to a third party. Types of bonds are perfomance bonds, license and miscellaneous bonds, and fidelity bonds.

Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is a written agreement that usually provides for monetary compensation is case the principal fails to perform the acts as promised. There are many different types of surety bonds, but the two general categories are contract and commercial surety bonds.

Fidelity Bond

A Fidelity Bond is a bond which indemnifies the insured for loss caused by the dishonest and fraudulent acts of its covered employees. In addition, a fidelity bond typically covers the insured against; forgery or alteration, loss inside the premises caused by theft, disappearance and destruction, and robbery and safe burglary, loss outside the premises caused by the robbery of a messenger.

Special Events Coverage

Special Events Coverage provides coverage if a person is injured at a special event, he may attempt to hold the host of the event responsible. If the injured party decides to sue, the defendant may need some form of financial protection. A variety of coverage and limitations apply to special events policies. Coverage usually extends to liability arising from event operations, the premises, personal injury and false advertising. The policy indicates the duration of coverage, which is often a few days before to a few days after the event. Coverage may be limited to events that do not exceed a specific number of people and to one specific location.